F-BRN Komplex Fat Burner Review (in Plain English)

GetFit Fitness F-BRN Komplex Review - Fat Burner Ingredients, Benefits, Dosage (How to Use), Side Effects and More

F-BRN Komplex at a Glance








The Good

  • Green Coffee Extract slows carb absorption
  • Green Tea helps with energy
  • Doesn't use proprietary blends
  • Relatively affordable - 29GBP/36USD

The Bad

  • Carnitine is ineffective for weight loss
  • Missing some core ingredients
  • Doesn't use an appetite suppressant
  • Company deletes negative reviews on their website

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This is our complete F-BRN Komplex review. This fat burner promises to help you with all sorts of things, but does it really work? What was our experience using it? Is it safe? You saw the short summary above, and now we’re going to take a closer look at all of its pros and cons.

F-BRN Komplex is made by a company called GetFit Fitness. Unlike some fat burners which contain countless ingredients on the label. F-BRN Komplex only has 4 ingredients. Will this be enough to put your body in a fat-burning mode?

The manufacturers say it will help:

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Improve fat breakdown (make the body more efficient at using fat cells for energy)
  • Reduce food cravings

F-BRN Komplex is originally produced in Germany but you’ll also find it in some UK online stores. Most of the reviews are in German, and many people are searching for an F-BRN Komplex review in English.

So, here we are.

How to Take F-BRN Komplex (Dosage Instructions)

The dosage directions for F-BRN Komplex are to take 3 capsules per day with water. Each bottle of F-BRN Komplex has 90 capsules, which means it’ll last you a full month if you follow the dosage recommendations.

Is this a good way to use a fat burner? It’s ok, but it could be better. When you take a fat burner, you’ll want to spread the dose into 2-3 servings per day. To keep the beneficial ingredients circulating in your system for longer.

F-BRN Komplex recommends taking all 3 capsules at once. This might spike your metabolism for a few hours, but what happens after that? You slowly go back to baseline.

How Does F-BRN Komplex Work?

You might wonder how does a fat burner like F-BRN Komplex work exactly.

This particular product uses natural ingredients that are known for increasing our metabolism. When your metabolism works at a faster rate, you burn more calories – even while resting. Additionally, F-BRN Komplex has ingredients that act as appetite suppressants – keeping you feeling full and satiated.

According to its producers, F-BRN Komplex also directly stimulates fat breakdown. In other words, it makes your body more efficient at using stored fat for energy.

This particular fat burner doesn’t use any stimulants. So if you don’t tolerate caffeine very well, you’ll be glad to know the risk of side effects is very low. Still, we’ve found stim-free fat burners ineffective in the past. Most stim-free products just don’t have the firepower to give you any real benefits.

But is F-BRN Komplex an exception? Let’s check the ingredients.

F-BRN Komplex Ingredients

Each F-BRN Komplex pill supplies you with the following ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract (300mg)
  • Green Coffee Extract (200mg)
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate (200mg)
  • Garcinia Cambogia (50mg)

We’re no strangers to these ingredients; some of them are found in the best fat burner supplements. However, not all of them work! Here’s a more detailed breakdown…

Green Tea Extract

This is one of our favorite health ingredients. Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants, also known as catechins. These stimulate your metabolism to work harder, in addition to making your body more efficient at fighting toxins and pathogens. It doesn’t get much better than this one! Learn more about Green Tea Extract here: https://examine.com/supplements/green-tea-catechins/

Green Coffee Extract

Although the name implies it, green coffee extract doesn’t have any caffeine in it. This is an unroasted coffee bean in its raw state. Its chemical structure is much different than that of a regular coffee bean.

The biggest difference in terms of fat loss? Well, green coffee bean contains more of Chlorogenic Acid, which slows down carbohydrate absorption in your body. It’s not very beneficial for fat burning, but it can help prevent your body from storing more fat. It has some weak appetite reduction effects as well.

Carnitine L-Tartrate

This is an unproven ingredient.

During the 2000s, you’d see L-Carnitine in almost every fat burning pill. Its popularity is steadily decreasing, due to the fact that it’s shown to be ineffective for fat loss. (source: Examine.com)

It might provide some minor benefits, but only in very high dosages. Much higher than what you’ll find in F-BRN Komplex.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia is used as an appetite suppressant in F-BRN Komplex.

This tropical fruit contains certain compounds that have been shown to elevate serotonin levels in our brain. This effect is suggested to result in reduced appetite and food cravings.

However, although Garcinia works, it can be a risky inclusion for some people. Not only because there are better alternatives (e.g. Glucomannan) but also because it’s known to cause side effects. (source: Rxlist.com)

Our Thoughts on the Ingredient Formula

F-BRN Komplex has two fantastic ingredients – green tea extract and green coffee bean. But that’s about it.

The remaining two ingredients, L-Carnitine and Garcinia, aren’t currently ranked as the very best natural fat burners because they either:

a) Lack research to prove they work

b) May not be safe to take long-term

F-BRN Komplex is also missing a few core fat burning ingredients. Including Glucomannan (a dietary fiber that significantly reduces cravings), and Cayenne Pepper Extract (helps boost thermogenesis in the body).

Granted, this stim-free formula will be ok for people who can’t tolerate any caffeine. But don’t expect it to work as well as some of the market’s leading fat burners.

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Is F-BRN Komplex Safe?

F-BRN Komplex doesn’t come with any side effects. At least not to our knowledge. The user reviews are mostly positive, and the ingredient doses are light. The ingredients themselves are backed by research to be safe, with the exception of Garcinia which can be hard on the liver in some cases.

As we said, there are also no stimulants, so this brings the risk down even further. You might sweat more due to its thermogenic ingredients. So just make sure to drink more water while using this fat burner.

Cost and Where to Buy?

A bottle of F-BRN Komplex provides you with 90 capsules, and the price is between $36-$72. It’s 29 GBP if buying in the UK. The price seems fair to us. It reflects what this fat burner offers. Nothing too strong, but a decent, low-budget fat burner for those who don’t want to use caffeine or other stimulants.

As to where to buy F-BRN Komplex, it’s available on both GetFit Fitness official website and other 3rd party stores. It doesn’t appear to be available on Amazon at the moment.

This fat burner ships worldwide, and it gets delivered within 1-3 working days if you’re buying in the USA or England.

F-BRN Komplex Before and After – Other People’s Results

What do other people say about F-BRN Komplex? How do their before and after results look? For that we’ll need to look at some of the customer reviews online.

You’ll notice that the comment section on GetFit Fitness comment section is heavily moderated. This means that any negative comment about F-BRN Komplex gets deleted right away. One customer confirmed this to us, but also said that F-BRN Komplex “worked well” for them. They reported increased energy levels and reduced urge for eating food.

Reviews on other sites are generally mixed. Both good and bad experiences with F-BRN Komplex. We don’t like to rely on them too much anyways, as you never know how accurate or legitimate these user testimonials are.

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F-BRN Komplex Review Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick summary of our F-BRN Komplex Review.

All in all, we think it’s a decent fat burner. It does lack some core ingredients, including caffeine, so that makes it less effective then what’s currently available out there.

But if you aren’t looking for anything serious, then it could work for you. It has green tea extract which will boost your energy levels and help with motivation. Garcinia is a decent appetite suppressant, but it’s not as effective as some other options (including Glucomannan).


  • Natural ingredients
  • Attractive price
  • Green tea is a great choice for energy and fat loss


  • Missing Glucomannan, Cayenne Pepper Extract and other core ingredients
  • Carnitine is shown to be ineffective for weight loss, unless you’re severely deficient in it (most people aren’t)

Conclusion on F-BRN Komplex Review

So that brings us to the end of our Get Fit Fitness F-BRN Komplex review. Is this the best fat burner we’ve reviewed? We don’t think so!

It’s not the best, but it doesn’t intend to be either. With its low price tag, a few decent ingredients, and relatively light formula, it’s perfect for those who’re just looking for a slight push on their fitness journey.

But if you want to achieve serious results in terms of fat loss, then we recommend checking more options!

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16 thoughts on “F-BRN Komplex Fat Burner Review (in Plain English)”

  1. Thanks for this review. I was looking to find a review written in English. I’ve used F-BURN Last year when I was in Hamburg. The formula has changed, so I will try sgain. Hopefully more luck this time.

  2. Looking at This Fat burner I think it misses the point. As a 60+ year old man there is more to health than fat burning. Lowering stress hormones can help us burn like nothing else. Now some of the ingredients here have evidence that shows they’re good for lowering cortisol. Just this alone makes me want to give it a try. I havent’t yet but i’m sick of constant elevated stress hormones. I’ll get it and report back to see if it actually reduces my cortisol and burns some weight.

  3. Hi I produced this product been on it for 3 weeks now not seen any change in my weight loss taking these one in morning before breakfast lunch tea with plenty of fruit water I’m drinking up to 20 glasses a day yes I’m going to bathroom more frequently can you tell me where I’m going wrong or this product doesn’t work reason taking these was to lose my weight fast and safe no change

    1. Lynn,

      Sorry to break it to you but “lose my weight fast” isn’t really possible naturally. As to why this particular product didn’t work for you, there’s so many factors at play it’s impossible for me to give you a black/white answer. One reason could be the lack of stimulants in F-BRN Komplex, which are ingredients that can really make a difference in terms of weight loss. Drinking plenty of water is a good idea, just make sure you’re replenishing your electrolytes – sodium, potassium, and calcium. You lose them through sweat and other bodily fluids.

  4. This product is rubbish! I am so disappointed that I haven’t even lost a pound. I have been taking it for a month and It didn’t help me at all. A waste of money! Please don’t buy this product.

  5. Hi everyone ,

    I have just started taking fBrn 5 days ago . I have noticed my appetite reduced and I’m not snaking anymore :).Im trying to eat more veggies and fish instead heavy meals . I usually have oily skin but now my skin looks better . Regarding weight loss I can notice my jeans are not lose around my belly and hips . The only minus is I feel but uncomfortable in my belly once I take a pill :/

  6. As it has written in German language, I couldn’t understand the whole words. Can anyone explain
    briefly how to take F-BRN Komplex please?

  7. It is working for me, I have dropped a stone in a month 😊 I take all pills exercise and eat a plant based diet hoping to reach my target very soon

  8. I have tried these for the last few weeks and so far, I have found they hadn’t worked at all. I am exercising daily and on a low calorie diet. They made me constipated and bloated. Customer service is good as they refunded me the full amount and delivery was quick to begin with. Quite expensive though and the price of the tablets fluctuates between £50 and £69. I have tried publishing a review on their website, but where I only gave 2 stars, it hasn’t been approved. It is hard as everyone will react differently, but I wouldn’t bother with them.

  9. Hi I emailed the company in Germany an asked how to take these tablets, they emailed back an instructed to take them before your 3 main meals. They also said that you should drink 1ltr of water to every 20kg of body weight!! That if you exercise the weight loss will be more and come off quicker! Well I’ve been doing this for the last week now, I’ve stuck to 1200 calories a day, I’m 59 years old, I’ve drank a reservoir (or that’s what it feels like) every day an I’ve been constipated all week! Plus I’ve exercised every day! Averaged 20,000 steps a day! I’ve just got on the scales an I could cry….I’ve not lost anything, all that hope, commitment an no result! It’s quite soul destroying. I paid £50 for two bottles, what an idiot. If there is anyone out there can tell me if I’ve done anything wrong (other than waste my money, which I already know) I would so appreciate it.

  10. I have purchased this product a few weeks ago. I took advantage of the offer, buying 2 for £50.
    I started to take the pills 1 before every meal. I have combined them with a bellow 1300kcal per day diet and I do active cardio every day for at least an hour, strength 2 times a week. I needed the pills to help me lose some weight as I am 62kg for 155cm height. I took the pills for 3 weeks and saw no result. My appetite was not decreased and my weight only went down on the days I would have less than 1200kcal (which happens even if I don’t take the pills).
    I have requested to return and get a refund. I have ordered the product from GetFit Shop UK, but the return address was not a UK address. It was a German one. To send them back would have cost me pretty much the same amount as the refund as the products need to be sent as a small parcel. This is really disappointing and not only that I don’t recommend the product, but I wouldn’t recommend the Get Fit Shop UK platform.

  11. I am taking the F-BRN Komplex for two weeks, and I got constipated, so I was wondering if anyone else notice the side effect?
    Besides, I haven’t noticed any weight loss, so I give it two stars,

  12. I have purchased these but haven’t tried them yet as I’m unsure whether there are any side effects to stopping taking them if you lose the weight needed. Does anyone have any experience of post taking the tablets?
    Also I am disappointed with the 30 day money back guarantee .. I didn’t realise I’d have to return the tablets to Germany at my own cost. This wasn’t what the reviews on the site stated!
    Regretting buying these now!

  13. Tracey Saunders

    I’ve been taking these for nearly a week now and noticed nothing, no weight loss, no curbed appetite I’m still just as hungry as u used to be, no sweating, no extra energy, no dehydration even on the days I drink barely anything, I don’t think there’s anything in these tablets at all. I would not recommend them don’t waste your money.

  14. Hi – not taking up for any of them – i bought it and got bored taking them – expecting to see result but havent the patience for this one… so not best to review – but noticed one reviewer saying constipated = thats normally due to dehydration…. like a protein diet you need to drink lots… maybe you may think youre drinking loads but actually arent – maybe count what youre drinking in terms of litres and see if you are drinking enough… I saw a tv prog on the aikins diet (protein and people were complaining of constipation. I mentioned it to a fitness person and they said if youre ona protein diet you must drink loads of water or it will clogg u up… mayeb take a colon cleanse and kick start your system??

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