Devin Brugman – Bio, Age, Height, Diet, Before & After Transformation

Devin Brugman looking healthy and fit with a dumbbell in her hand.

Devin Brugman is an American bikini model and fitness celebrity followed by millions of people online. Owner of several successful fitness and swimwear brands, Devin boasts an amazing figure that is the result of thousands of hours spent in the gym and preparing healthy, wholesome meals.

However, Devin wasn’t always planning to become the successful model she is today. She spent most of her early life pursuing academica, graduating college with an MBA degree.

Here’s her story:

Quick Stats

Full Name: Devin BrugmanDate of Birth: December 26, 1990
Weight: 130-141lbs (59-64kg)Height: 5’7” (170cm)
Nationality: AmericanOccupation: Fitness Model, Social Media Personality, Swimwear Entrepreneur
Devin Brugman sitting next to the beach in a bikini, looking lean and fit


  • Co-Launched Successful Swimwear Business
  • Over a Million Followers on Social Media


Devin’s Early Life

Born in 1990 in Oakland California, Devin Brugman was always passionate about health and fitness growing up. Her father, an MBA graduate, and her mother, a former model, encouraged Devin to pursue her dreams from a young age.

At the age of 4, Devin moved to Hawaii together with her family. It was there that she started high school. During her studies at Mount St. Mary’s College, Devin became increasingly interested in modeling – however, Devin says she had no idea how she would go about starting a career in the field.

It wasn’t until she graduated from St. Mary’s College that Devin decided to make the leap of faith. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Devin opened her website and social media profiles, along with starting an online bikini business with her friend and a renowned fitness model Natasha Oakley.

Setting Out on The Modelling Journey

It wasn’t long before photos of Devin’s awesome physique, workout routines, and her lifestyle started attracting attention from her followers. As she gained more following online, Devin started receiving offers to model for high-profile agencies in the U.S.

“I will never forget the night in LA when we decided to start it,’ ‘We started our social media and by the next day we had thousands of followers and instantly we had brands inquiring,” said Devin’s friend Natasha Oakley.

Grabbing the opportunity with both hands, Devin hasn’t looked back ever since. Ever since the beginning of her journey, Devin has become not only a successful model, but also an entrepreneur – starting a number of bikini & fitness companies with her friend Natasha.

Devin is already well on her path of success, and is inspired to pursue even greater heights as she continues to motivate followers from all around the globe.

Devin Brugman posing with her ripped abs.

Devin Brugman Workout

Devin’s training consists of hiking, paddleboarding, and naturally, weekly gym workouts. Her golden rule is to listen to her body. Which means, if she’s had an extremely busy week, she won’t push herself too hard in the gym just for the sake of doing it, because it can lead to burnout and only make things worse in the long-run.

Devin’s favorite body parts to train are glutes and legs. However, that’s not to say she neglects her upper body. Like any fitness model, Devin places a big emphasis on doing major compound lifts like squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, and even an occasional bench press. As she says, “it won’t make you look bulky! I love the feeling these exercises give me and how they tone my muscles!

Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley hugging in bikinis on a beach
Devin Brugman & Natasha Oakley.

Devin Brugman Diet

Devin’s diet is a balance of eating fresh, wholesome foods and juicing. No matter where she is, Devin won’t drink too much or eat too much. According to her, it’s all about portion control. Still, Devin likes to recharge her batteries once in a while and “eat something naughty.”

Devin likes to start her day with a tasty berry and yogurt bowl with whole grains. The ingredients include Plain Greek Yogurt, berries, oats or granola, and a little honey drizzled on the top. If Devin wants to tone her muscles and lean out, she’ll increase the protein intake with foods such as scrambled eggs and avocado toast.

Devin’s typical lunch consists of salad and sushi. As for her dinner, it’s usually either a pasta dish or steak with a few cups of seasonal vegetables.

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Devin Brugman looking fit and lean in her black bikini next to the sandy beach.

What Devin Brugman’s Story Teaches us

What we can learn from Devin Brugman, is that often, the only thing standing between you and the life you want to live is the decision to take that step forward.

A lot of us spend years being in the same place, fearing what would happen if we take “the risk”. But you have to ask yourself, how big of a risk is it really? Devin’s example teaches us that by being fearful, we might be missing out on something much greater in life.

Devin initially went to school to pursue her MBA degree, but eventually, decided to make a jump into the world of modeling. She didn’t know if it would work out, and where she would end up, but she did it anyway.

What Devin’s story ultimately tells us, is that confidence is key to success. Be courageouos, never stop dreaming, and keep taking steps every day towards your big goal – whatever it may be.

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