Best Testosterone Booster Supplements | Our Top Picks for 2020

best testosterone booster supplement for libido, muscle gain, strength energy and low testosterone

Welcome to our guide to the very best testosterone booster supplements on offer right now. Suitable for both younger guys who want to build strength, as well as older guys who’re looking to help their body regenerate its T levels in a safe, natural and inexpensive way.

Athletes all over the world take supplements to support their T levels naturally. Below you’ll find a list of the best, safest and most reliable formulas to increase your levels of this critical androgen hormone.

Best testosterone boosters use natural ingredients that have been proven to:

  • Boost muscle growth and protein synthesis
  • Speed up your metabolism (burn unwanted fat)
  • Bring testosterone-to-estrogen ratio in a more youthful range
  • Boost energy and sex drive
  • Improve recovery after training
  • Enhance sleep and mood

The 3 supplements below have been road tested for months and are completely clear of any chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Our criteria included product safety, optimal ingredient doses, short-term benefits, long-term benefits, company reputation and a lot more.

We really don’t like crap products at Ookles. And trust us when we say there are some seriously crap products out there. Thankfully, after testing 35 most popular testosterone boosters this year, we’ve narrowed it down to these three legitimate contenders.



Sport T+

  • For Stressed Men 35+ 

  • Body and Mind Formula

  • Clinically Effective Doses

  • Fully Transparent

  • Long-Term Test Support

  • For Younger Guys & Athletes

  • 100% Natural

  • Zinc and Oyster Extract

  • 90-Day Guarantee

  • Excellent Reviews

  • Streamlined Formula

  • Lighter Doses

  • NutriGenesis® Ingredients

  • Cleanest Quality

  • Affordable Price

What is a Testosterone Booster Supplement?

A testosterone booster is a supplement designed to support your body’s hormonal health. It’s filled with nutrients – vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants – specifically chosen to encourage your body to produce more T.

Testosterone boosting ingredients include zinc, vitamin D, boron, D-Aspartic Acid, Korean Ginseng and so on. They all boast a strong clinical pedigree in terms of being proven to contribute to more youthful hormone levels – less estrogen (female sex hormone), more testosterone.

Each testosterone supplement you find will be unique. Ingredient numbers and doses can vary a lot. Some manufacturers prefer adding numerous ingredients to expand their formula, while others like to take a more streamlined approach to their supplements.

Ultimately, the best testosterone formula is one with substantial clinical evidence behind it. Showing that it’s safe, reliable and effective.

What T boosters are not is testosterone replacement. Don’t confuse synthetic testosterone or anabolic steroids with testosterone booster supplements. Testosterone boosters are legal and can be safely used by anyone – without needing a prescription.

After you stop using a T booster, your hormones return back to where they were before you started taking the supplement. You don’t get dependant on it. By contrast, TRT and steroids completely stop your natural testosterone production, and may cause severe dependancy in the long-run.

Why Take a Testosterone Booster?

Why should you consider taking a T booster? Because testosterone is the most important hormone in your body. Physical energy, strength, vitality and even psychological health are all closely connected to testosterone. Maintaining a healthy balance between your testosterone and estrogen levels is paramount for a healthy life.

The problem is, your age, lifestyle and other factors could be preventing you from keeping your testosterone high. When your T suffers, so does your physical and mental health.

Nutrition is especially important for keeping your testosterone production in check. Your diet can also affect the relationship between testosterone and other hormones in your body.

T boosters are formulated to supply your body with nutrients that encourage thriving test levels. Some nutrients promote the production, while others help prevent interfering hormones like estrogen and cortisol from bringing your T levels down. Ultimately, taking a testosterone enhancer can bulletproof your nutrition and encourage peak mental and physical function.

Best Natural Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

Although a large number of men experience low T as they get older, you’ll be glad to know that age itself is not the issue. It’s your lifestyle choices that are slowly catching up with you. [study1]

This is good news, because it means you have the control to reverse the decline. And you can most certainly rediscover your youthful peak.

No matter if you’re in your twenties, forties or sixties, you can take a step towards improvement – and that’s where testosterone boosting ingredients step in.

Not all nutrients in testosterone boosters are the same. The sad truth is that some supplement producers sell empty promises. They give you false hope only to make a quick buck. You try the supplement for several weeks and absolutely nothing happens – you’re left disappointed having wasted your money.

But some of them will boost up your low hormone levels, fast. Because nature has provided you with everything needed to get back on track. Your job is to place your focus into something that will give you actual results, rather than spending your time and hard-earned money on a pipedream.

Here are the very best natural ingredients to help you go from low T to hyper masculinity.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is a secosteroid hormone that your body produces from sunlight. With the help of cholesterol, and through a complex series of chemical reactions, your body turns the UV sunlight into vitamin D.

What does vitamin D do for testosterone, you ask? It acts as a precursor – helping you to make more T. A number of studies have found a strong link between testosterone and vitamin D.

A German research paper reported that 3,333IU of vitamin D3 per day for one year, led to a significant increase in testosterone levels in 54 overweight men. [study2]

The issue is, unless you’re living in a hot climate and getting at least 20 minutes of sunlight exposure per day, chances are your vitamin D levels are too low to support optimal conversion to testosterone. Even foods that are ‘high’ in vitamin D aren’t high enough to have a significant impact on your anabolic hormones. [study3]

Just to highlight this, a study found that up to 42% Americans are vitamin D deficient. Those with darker skin, or those who live in colder climates are very likely to have low levels of the sunshine nutrient.

Latest evidence points that higher doses of vitamin D3 – the most powerful type of vitamin D is optimal for health and longevity. It’s suggested that our body needs 2000-4000IU of vitamin D per day to meet the requirements of every cell in your body. [study4]

In fact, doses as high as 8,000IU per day are shown to be perfectly safe for boosting athletic performance. Which is why premium testosterone supplements typically go for the higher end. [study5]


You’ll find the essential mineral zinc in foods such as beef, oysters and shellfish. Your body can’t make zinc on its own, so you’ll need to make sure to get enough from your diet.

The problem? 2 billion people (with a B) suffer from zinc deficiency. [study6] That means you have almost 1/3 chance of having a clinical zinc deficiency.

That’s not good news because zinc is necessary for regulating your brain function, controlling cell growth, regulating the metabolism, and making sure your testosterone levels stay high. There’s a strong link between cardiovascular health and zinc as well.

If you’re the guy who likes to go hard in the gym, then zinc should be your new lifting buddy. Hard training causes stress on the body, which decreases T levels temporarily. But giving zinc to athletes before training is shown to prevent this dip. [study7]

Zinc is good for fertility as well. A study found that zinc supplements used as men’s health enhancers helped boost both testosterone and DHT (another crucial anabolic hormone). In fact, the results were so impressive that 9 of those men managed to impregnate their partners… be careful out there guys! [study8]

Optimal dose for testosterone: 30mg


It might be a mouthful, but Ashwagandha should be in your shopping cart if testosterone optimization is your goal. An adaptogenic herb, Ashwagandha contains several ingredients that help optimize hormones – alkaloids, fatty acids, steroidal lactones, and most notably, withanolides.

Its name might mean ‘smell of horse’ in the Sanskrit language. But don’t it put you off! Ashwagandha helps boost mood (which is why more and more nootropic supplements use it), reduce stress and enhance physical performance in guys of all ages.

But what’s really promising is its ability to ramp up T levels. One study showed that it can supercharge anabolic hormone levels by 15% after only 2 months of trial in resistance-trained men. [study9]

The study also reported improved muscle recovery, as well as increased muscle strength and growth. Some of the guys in the study were well in their 50s as well.

Optimal dosage is 500-600mg


This is another dietary mineral found in foods such as brazil nuts, apricots, brunes and raisins. It acts as a supporting ingredient, helping to shuttle other minerals where they’re needed. It helps with bone loss, arthritis and aids cellular function too.

As for testosterone, boron is super effective at boosting it. Although we need more clinical trials to determine just how much boron exactly is needed to achieve optimal effects, short-term supplementation has been shown to boost free T levely by 14.7%, DHT by around 10%, as well as decrease testosterone’s arch enemy Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin by 9%. [study10]

Another clinical trial found that 10mg of boron per day led to a 11.4% increase in testosterone levels over 4 weeks. And lastly, one study showed a huge jump of 62% in testosterone levels in elite bodybuilders who took 2.5mg of boron daily for 9 weeks. [study11, study12]


Indole-3-carbinol or simply I3C is found in vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and cabbage. Moms are right when they say that veggies are good for us. Well, I3C certainly is – at least when it comes to our hormones.

This compound, which breaks down into other smaller compounds in your body after you ingest it through food, is shown to prevent some forms of disease – including cancer.

It doesn’t elevate testosterone in the same way as other nutrients listed in this article. Instead, it helps reduce aromatization – the process of your testosterone being turned to the female sex hormone estrogen. [study13] By blocking the enzyme aromatase responsible for this conversion, I3C helps to maintain high levels of testosterone in your body.

And the result? Stronger muscles, higher energy levels, less unwanted fat and better mood.

When I3C breaks down during digestion it forms another chemical called diindolymethane (DIM) – another compound known to optimize hormone levels.

I3C optimal dose: up to 200mg

Advantages to Using a Testosterone Booster

A good testosterone booster uses some, if not all of the ingredients from the list above. This alone is a huge advantage – it’s a safe and natural way to get your T levels soaring. But what other advantages does testosterone booster offer you?

  1. Convenient – All you have to do is remember to take a handful of capsules every day and let the testosterone boosting ingredients get to work. Not only that, but a good test booster also provides nutritional support, which means you don’t need to stress about getting your nutrients from different foods every day.
  2. Legal – Self-explanatory. Test boosters are completely safe and legal for anyone to use. In fact, athletes use them regularly to optimize their hormonal health and increase performance, without failing a drug test or anything like that. There are no forbidden ingredients in test boosters.
  3. Science-backed – With a good quality testosterone booster, the research has already been done for you. Busy people don’t have time to sit and rifle through hundreds of scientific papers to find vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that could help you with testosterone. The manufacturer of a good test booster will do the hard work for you, finding the right ingredients in the right doses that work well together, and then putting it all into a highly effective formula. When looking through a test booster’s website, a good way to see if it’s legit is by looking if they show studies.
  4. Safety – Steroids are illegal and dangerous. Testosterone boosters are the opposite. The best test booster is safe and devoid of any risky ingredients or chemicals, making it perfect for those who want to naturally maximize their testosterone as much as possible – without creating dependency.

Our Ranking Criteria

All three supplements on our list have been extensively researched, tested and reviewed for weeks. We really go in depth in our individual reviews on this website, but to sum up what we’re looking for:

  • The formula – Not just the ingredients, but also the doses.
  • Price – Not just the bare number but also value for money that the supplement offers.
  • Testimonials – It needs to have a positive feedback from other customers
  • Trust – You’ll be using these products daily! We need to make sure they’re completely risk-free and produced by a reputable company.
  • The Manufacturer – And the brand authority
  • Where to Buy – We’ll include links to these product’s websites for you to learn more about them, and buy if you’re interested in trying them.

We went through a lot of craps to bring you our current 3 best supplements. We did it so you don’t have to. We love doing these reviews, but we’re also frustrated with all the BS that’s going on in the testosterone booster market, so we want to cut through that and help you find a supplement that will work for you.

And so, finally, below are the top 3 low testosterone boosters summarized for you.

Current 3 Best Testosterone Boosters

We’ve teamed up with fitness experts and nutritionists to select some of the best products based on ingredient doses and effectiveness, people’s testimonials, personal results, brand reputation and safety.

The following testosterone boosters are our pick of the very impressive bunch on the market right now.

#1 Centrapeak – Highest Rated Overall

Centrapeak is not just a testosterone booster, it’s a male health booster. It’s specifically designed for men in the 30+ category with declining test levels and low mood. Modern men who suffer from stress and could use a boost in every area.

Centrapeak came out in 2019 but is already redefining what a true testosterone booster should be. It uses the pinnacle of testosterone boosting ingredients while also making space for cognitive enhancers. The formula has since been updated for 2020 to augment its mental benefits.

Amazing performance and 24-hour benefits.

It’s delivered in some seriously sleek looking packaging, too.

Centrapeak’s Effects:

  • Helps recharge free and total testosterone levels
  • Reduces stress hormones such as cortisol
  • Optimizes cognitive function for better focus and a sense of well-being
  • Boosts libido
  • Supports muscle building and fat loss

Centrapeak has a very comprehensive formula. Each of its ingredients has a strong clinical pedigree in elevating testosterone levels, improving energy and reducing stress. If any of this rings some bells then you should look into it. We rate it as an excellent value for money overall.

centrapeak number one overall testosterone booster


Centrapeak uses some of the best testosterone boosting ingredients on the market right now, including:

  • Vitamin D (3300IU)
  • Zinc (20mg)
  • Indole-3-Carbinol (200mg)
  • Boron (10mg)
  • Ashwagandha (500mg)

Vitamin D in Centrapeak helps with direct testosterone synthesis. Zinc prevents testosterone levels from dropping due to stress, while Indole-3 Carbinol blocks aromatase from converting testosterone to estrogen.

Rhodiola Rosea is added to bolster the mental benefits of Centrapeak – this adaptogenic herb boosts not just physical energy and vigor but also physiological resilience to stress.

What do Others Say?

One thing that cements Centrapeak as the pack leader is how well it’s received by customers. You’ll find numerous positive reviews on this product online. For us, this is equally as important as its innovative formula.

The God

  • Cutting edge formula with heavily researched ingredients
  • Effective doses
  • cGMP produced in the UK and USA
  • Free shipping on any order + available to buy worldwide
  • 100% natural, cleanest quality
  • Fully transparent formula, there’s no proprietary blends

The Bad

  • Premium price range
  • The US and Canada version not for those with extreme allergies to soy
  • You can only buy it direct on the official website

Centrapeak is Available on the Official Website

>Click to Buy at<

#1 for Athletes and #2 Overall: TestoFuel

100% natural and worked each time we’ve tried it. Also allowed one of our team members to pass all fitness competition drug testing.

Testofuel has been a market leading product for younger guys and athletes for years. It’s effective at boosting muscle growth.

testofuel second best overall testosterone booster

We didn’t just get awesome results using it, but also very fast delivery and extra free bottle with our first order. You also get a free nutrition and workout guide (worth $14.99 apparently) with the 3-month package. We didn’t use the guide but it looked well-crafted.

Effects from using TestoFuel for 30 days:

  • Increased free T levels
  • Increased muscle growth and performance (1RM went up on all of our major lifts)
  • Improved confidence
  • Faster recovery from training
  • Definitely much better sleep
  • Great energy and sexual performance

TestoFuel Official Website:


Testofuel has been a market leader for so many years in the past, and it’s easy to see why. You’ll see all kinds of products and proprietary blends on the internet claiming to be ‘proven by science,’ but in reality, these studies are weak and often performed on rats.

TestoFuel also makes serious claims, but it backs them up with real science. The best ingredients in TestoFuel include:

  • Oyster extract (100mg)
  • Magnesium Aspartate (200mg)
  • Vitamin D (5000IU)
  • D-Aspartic Acid (2300mg)
  • Asian Panax Ginseng

TestoFuel uses Oyster extract as a convenient way of getting the nutritional goodness of oysters, including a naturally high amount of zinc that boosts your testosterone production. Magnesium Aspartate is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium that helps increase free testosterone levels in your body. D-Aspartic Acid is added for its famous ability to boost testosterone levels by over 30% in less than a month, although the effects do wear off over time.

Our TestoFuel order was a bit pricey, but we got it quickly and were impressed with the ingredients that it offered. At first it was a little frustrating trying to remember to take 4 capsules each day, but we quickly got into the swing of it. The libido and performance increase was real… and what was surprising was the reduction in belly fat after about a month of using it.

What do Others Say?

Online TestoFuel reviews show it’s a favorite among pro athletes and average Joes alike, thanks to its high quality formula. Testimonials range from gym newbies all the way to former Mr. Olympia winner Robby Robinson, showing that this test booster can work for just about anyone.


  • Best muscle building supplement
  • 90- day risk-free money back guarantee
  • Large dose of vitamin D and other key testosterone boosters
  • Great reviews from all across the world
  • Clean and cGMP manufactured


  • Pricey
  • You can only buy it online from the manufacturer
  • Not suitable for vegetarians

TestoFuel is Available on the Official Website

>Click to Buy Directly from Manufacturer<

#3 Performance Lab Sport T+

3rd on our list of best testosterone booster supplements is Performance Lab Sport T+. It’s definitely one of the more unique products on the market at the moment, because it only uses a small number of ingredients, but that means it can deliver bigger doses of each one, and thus, bigger benefits.

Created by a specialist supplement manufacturer Opti-Nutra. This is an U.K. company that works with neuroscientists and health experts like Dr. Ramon Velazquez, PhD. So obviously, these guys knew what they were doing when they were creating the Performance Lab T+ formula.

performance lab sport t plus third best testosterone booster

The ingredients are all top of the line, the formula is open-sourced and they offer cleanest quality. The whole Performance Lab Range, including T+, is vegan friendly and is meant to be stacked with each other.


In terms of quality, Performance Lab T+ is unmatched. The formula features patented ingredients grown using BioGenesis technology. Guys at Opti Nutra grow their nutrients on probiotic bacteria to mimic how these nutrients occur in nature. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Performance Lab SPORT T+ ingredients include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid (1000mg) – boosts testosterone levels
  • KSM-66® Ashwagandha (300mg) – increases strength and vigor
  • Mucuna Pruriens – or Velvet Bean is shown to boost mental focus, motivation and even testosterone levels.
  • Luteolin – Antioxidant sourced from Orange Fruit. It reduces inflammation and reduces the amount of T that turns into estrogen.

What do Others Say?

Generally, the reviews are positive. Most users are thrilled with how safe and effective this testosterone booster is. It’s not as aggressive as some of those stimulant-packed products, but it really packs a punch in terms of improving men’s vitality.


  • The most affordable option
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Bioactive nutrients that are nature-identical
  • Promotes testosterone and overall health in a very safe way


  • Missing zinc and magnesium
  • Some of the ingredient doses are a little on the light side

>Buy Direct at<

Conclusion to Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

That wraps up our Best Testosterone Booster Supplements guide for this year. As you can see, supplements are a great way to support your goals, but as we like to remind our readers, there’s no ‘magic pill’. You still have to create the right environment to maximize the benefits from testosterone boosters.

A diet loaded with lean protein and 5-7 cups of greens per day, 7-9 hours of sleep per night, and going to the gym and exercising if you can. These are the foundations that you need to have in place before thinking about taking any supplement.

Then when you add a good quality test booster like the ones from above, you’ll see a real boost your your masculinity and performance.

Centrapeak is our top rated overall product, and is particularly great for men in the 35+ age bracket who want to improve mood, reduce stress, and be back at their peak physically.

TestoFuel is our choice specifically for bodybuilders and those who want faster muscle gains.

As for Performance Lab Sport T+, it’s the newest product to hit the market. It’s got a very streamlined and clean formula, and is vegan-friendly too. For our top testosterone booster of this year, follow the links below:

Click Here to Visit Centrapeak’s Official Website

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  1. I’m 18 and I feel like Centrpeak test booster would be the best thing for me, but my question is, will it have an effect on me because of how young I am

    1. Hi Kyle,

      This is a common question we get about Centrapeak. We’ve found it to work particularly well for people under stress and pressure, and those who want to give themselves a mental and physical boost. So, yes, it works regardless if you’re 18 or older.

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