Animal Stak vs Animal Test – Which is the Wildest Animal?

Animal Stak vs Animal Test

Animal Test vs Animal Stak? What’s better? Can you take Animal Stak and Animal Test together? We give you a short summary first, followed by a more detailed analysis from our team.

[ANIMAL STAK VS ANIMAL TEST SUMMARY] Both products are massive letdowns. The marketing material is outrageous, promising all these benefits but at the same time hiding vital dosage facts from their customers. You can’t see the individual ingredient doses because both Animal Stak and Animal Test hide them under fancy-named proprietary blends. As a result, it’s impossible to assess whether the ingredients are safe or effective. Speaking of ingredients, Animal Stak has some good choices, but they’re cheap and have low bioavailability (in plain English: you piss it all out). Both products also come with only 1 serving per day, and so the effects won’t last very long. Don’t even start us on the cost – for $68-78, you only get 21 servings. It’s a disappointing show considering how long these supplements have been on the market.

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Animal Stak vs Animal Test – The Basics

Animal Stak

Animal Stack is made by a veteran US company Animal Pak, which was first launched in 1983. They obviously knew what they were doing since they managed to stay in the industry for such a long time!

However, Animal Pak’s formulas are ofen faced with controversy due to using proprietary blends.

If you din’t know, proprietary blends don’t show doses of ingredients in them. Instead, you can only see the combined dose of all the ingredients in the blend.

This, companies like Animal Pak say, is to prevent competitors from ‘stealing’ their formulas. In reality, it’s just an excuse to use cheap ingredients in low doses, masking them under these fancy-sounding proprietary blends so you as a customer can’t tell if the product works or not. And worse, if it’s safe or not.

Alright, but what does Animal Stak do? It’s marketed as a hormone-free hormone booster. Ha-ha, hormone free hormone booster – get it? The play with words is nice, but what we’re more interested in is whether the formula of this product really works or not. Will it boost your testosterone, libido, energy levels and muscle gains? That’s the question. We’ll find out in the next section below.

Animal Test

Animal Test is similar to Animal Stak. It’s designed to boost your male hormone levels. This will allow you to train harder in the gym, have more energy throughout the day, and feel like a more confident self. Those are all effects of high testosterone.

It only comes with 1 packed per day. The same dose as Animal Stak. This is a bit odd considering that the best testosteorne boosters use 3-4 daily servings to maintain the effects between the doses.

So, how well can Animal Test work for you?

We investigate below.

The Formulas

The ingredients of both products are disappointing, to say the least.

Even the good ingredients in Animal Stak and Animal Test come in cheap, ineffective forms with low absorption rates. Both Animal Test and Animal Stak have some potentially risky ingredients, too, which you’ll see below.

Let’s not forget they both also mainly consist of proprietary blends. Making it impossible to know if they work and are safe.

See for yourself:

Animal Stak Ingredients

Animal Stak Ingredients

Animal Stak has a few great ingredients, but many of them are either underdosed or come in cheap, low bioavailability forms.

There’s also an issue with proprietary blends. If you didn’t know, prop blends are mixtures of ingredients which displayed as one single dosage on the ingredient label. You can see the total dose of the blend, but not the each individual dose of ingredients in it. Animal Stak has 5 of these blends!

Totally disgraceful in our opinion to hide crucial dosage facts from your customers like that.

Here’s a closer look at the ingredients:

  • Vitamin D3 (1000IU) – Excellent choice for boosting testosterone. The problem is, it’s severely underdosed. Studies use 3,332IU+ per day. (Vitamin D study:
  • Vitamin B6 (10.5mg) -A basic yet foundational nutrient, helps with stress and blood sugar regulation.
  • Magnesium Oxide (450mg) – Magnesium can boost testosterone, but being oxide it doesn’t get absorbed in your body very well.
  • Zinc Oxide (30mg) – Same as magnesium. The oxide form of zinc has very poor bioavailability. All of it goes down the toilet.
  • Pro Testosterone Complex (1,500mg) – This is the first of the five proprietary blends in Animal Stak. It consists of ingredients such as Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, and Stinging Nettle. While some of these can enhance your libido and sex drive, they aren’t shown to boost actual testosterone. The more concerning part, however, is that we don’t know the ingredient doses in this blend, nor in any other blend in Animal Stak.
  • Growth Hormone Support (1,500mg) – Don’t let the name fool you – this won’t boost your growth hormone. It’s merely a marketing tactic to get you thinking it can work like an illegal steroid. It can’t. This blend contains Mucuna Pruriens which is good for mood and motivation, along with a few other ingredients that won’t have any significant effect on your hormones.
  • Aromatase Combating Complex (300mg) – This proprietary blend contains ingredients that may help combat estrogen levels – incuding the “anti aging” molecule resveratrol and the controversional DIM. We don’t know their doses, though. This makes it impossible to tell if it’s effective or safe.
  • Hormone Amplifying blend (500mg) – This contains astaxanthin, Quercetin, black pepper extract and a few other ingredients that can protect your cells from oxidative stress and help with the absorption of other ingredients in Animal Stak. A decent blend for sure!
  • Restorative Support Complex (500mg) – This contains ingredients that help support liver function, such as Milk Thistle, CoQ10 and Ashwagandha. However, it also has Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is a heavy metal chelator and can severely wreck your health if you don’t take certain measures of precaution before using it. Speak with your doctor before taking this ingredient!

Animal Test Ingredients

Animal Test Ingredients

You can think of Animal Test as the watered down version of Animal Stack.

This product too has proprietary blends, only 2 in this case. That’s the entire formula in fact.

We don’t know a single ingredient dose in Animal Test. We can only see their total amounts as blends. Naturally, this makes it impossible to asses Animal Test for effectiveness or safety.

See for yourself:

  • Pro-Androgen Complex (2,500mg) – This contains of Stinging Nettle, Yohimbe and a few other ingredients that are supposed to lower estrogen levels in your body and increase testosterone. Can it do this? We’re afraid that evidence says no! Not only is it ineffective though, but Yohimbe is also an ingredient to avoid. It can drastically raise heart rate and blood pressure. So dangerous is this ingredient that it’s banned in some countries. Not knowing its exact dose in this blend makes things that much more concerning.
  • Hypertrophic Response Complex (1,500mg) – As the name suggests, this blend in Animal Test is designed to boost muscle hypertrophy and lean mass gain. It’s got Grapefruit Extract, Black Pepper Extract and Arachidonic Acid. These may aid liver health, but not much more! Black Pepper Extract can boost the absorption of these ingredients. You should also know that Grape Fruit Extract should be taken with caution. It inhibits the enzyme cyp3a4 which breaks down supplements and drugs in your blood. If you take any kind of medication, stay away from grapefruit before talking to your doctor – it can potentiate the drugs you’re taking to the point of overdose!

Key Takeaway: Both formulas are big letdowns. Whereas Animal Stack contains so many ingredients which can potentially have harmful interactions with each other, Animal Test uses fewer but still has proprietary blends, making it impossible to assess the ingredient doses for safety and effectiveness.

Both test boosters also use low quality of ingredients, indicating cheap manufacturing and negligence about their customers. For products as hyped as these, these are disgraceful ingredient profiles.

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Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

Neither one. Animal Stack is full of unproven ingredients in unknown doses. It’s as potentially unsafe as it gets.

Animal Test may be a little less dangerous just due to the sheer fact that it has fewer ingredients. But it also has proprietary blends, and it uses grapefruit extract which can cause severe side effects when combined with certain drugs.

Price and Value for Money?

Animal Stak’s price depends on where you buy it. It costs around $78 on average per container. Keep in mind that one container will only last you 21 days, which is very expensive.

Animal Test is a bit cheaper at $66 per container. But it too has only 21 packs. Both of these cost more than some of the best testosterone boosters on the market, yet don’t have the quality to match them.

Our Conclusion to Animal Stak vs Animal Test

So that concludes our Animal Stak vs Animal Test comparison.

With only 1 serving per day (1 pack), both of these products won’t last in your system for very long.

Maybe it is for the best though, considering just how many unproven and potentially harmful ingredients Animal Stak and Animal Test have.

We recommend avoiding both of them. They hide vital dosage facts from their customers and are dishonest with their marketing.

The extremely high price doesn’t help either. For this amount of money, the market has to offer a lot better and more transparent testosterone boosters.

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