Weight Training for Fat Loss: How Lifting Weights can Improve your Body Composition

Weight Training for Fat Loss

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Tired of spending hours on the treadmill with slow or no results? Well, weight training may be missing from your life.

What are the benefits of weight training?

Weight training is one of the oldest and most common forms of working out. It has been practiced for centuries, but it’s only recently that we’ve fully understood the positive benefits. So, aside from muscle building, why should you integrate weight training into your workout routine?

Reduce Health Risks

One of the leading benefits for weight training is that it promotes good heart health. As you work out, your heart must keep up to compensate. A solid workout involving weights can help your cardiovascular system, and help you to build stamina.

Weight training also means stronger bones. Bones are strengthened by nutrients entering the body and being absorbed, and this happens at a greater rate when you work out. Not only that, but an increase in muscle can help to protect your bone structure.

Weight training can prevent disease, or at least, help to keep it away. When weight training, you build up every aspect of your body, and the increased workout combined with increased blood flow means that your body will be working harder.

This means that your immune system will be stronger as well, as it will have more white blood cells. Say goodbye to frequent annoying colds.

Weight training can reduce the risk of diabetes. As you get older, diabetes can be a much more serious threat. When weight training, you’re helping your body to stay in check, and to burn off any excess sugar that might serve as a diabetic trigger.
Lower high blood pressure is another great benefit of weight training. As you burn fat, your blood pressure should return to a healthy level, which means that you will have an easier time living a healthy lifestyle.

Weight training lowers the risk of breast cancer. It can help to counter excessive levels of estrogen in your system. Excess estrogen is one of the leading factors in breast cancer.

While not a constant, weight training has been shown to help reduce PMS symptoms. PMS can largely be attributed to an imbalance of hormones in the female body. When you weight train, if you are a woman, it can help to keep your body on a rhythm and can actually help to curb any excess hormones that the body might be generating.

Increases Fat Loss

Weight training isn’t just about getting stronger; it’s about building up your body on every level. The more you do it, the more you’ll find that you are benefiting other areas of your overall body state.

First off, you’ll soon discover that you will improve your balance through weight training. The more you focus on lifting and working with weights, the more attuned you will be to your own body, what works and what doesn’t. This, along with an overall increase in muscle, will result in a better shaped body and increased fat loss, the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn.

When you weight train, you will find that it becomes easier to maintain your weight. Your body will find a good balance, and your metabolism will rise. If anything, you might find that you’re burning more than you thought possible, and may even find yourself upping your diet.

Burning calories comes naturally for weight trainers. The more you work out, the more your body will demand fuel and energy. It’s not uncommon to see physically fit people devouring way more food than you would think possible. This is because their increased demand for protein, combined with their elevated metabolism from working out, has led them to be hungry for more fuel.

Of course, you’ll also experience an increase in strength, endurance, and flexibility. The more you lift and work with weights, the more muscle you’ll have. Also, working with weights will lead to being able to go longer, farther, and overall faster, as you’ll have more energy, and your heart will be more used to the workout.

Finally, you’ll notice an improvement to your posture, as well as your overall muscle tone. People who work out generally tend to look and feel better, and this is in part because of their frame.

Olympic Weighlifter Statue in Amsterdam
Olympic Weightlifter’s Statue in Amsterdam

Healthier Mind

When you work out, you feel good. Working out gives you a boost in energy and helps to improve your overall mood. It helps to generate endorphins, which tend to make a person happier. They also help to reduce stress and anxiety, which can have the positive side effect of helping you to sleep better.

Weight training is a fun, simple, and effective way to not only lose weight and bulk up, but to get healthy and to feel better about yourself. With all of the positive benefits of weight training out there, why wait? Talk to a trainer and find out what form of weight training is best for you.

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