Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast Review: Is it Any Good?

Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast Review

Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast is a fat loss product that also contains diuretic ingredients meant to flush water out of the body to achieve a harder looking physique – let’s get into the review.

For the most part, diuretics are pointless for fat loss, unless they are needed for a hardening effect for a photo shoot, fitness/bodybuilding competition, or just to look good on the day of an important event. They don’t improve fat loss in general.

Still, Ripped Fast may have enough quality fat burning ingredients to make this a worthwhile product. Lets take a closer look!

About Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast

Ripped Fast should be used once daily, with 1 to 4 capsules being used for the dosage. For safety purposes, it’s always smart to start at the lowest recommended dose and ramp up as you feel comfortable with your tolerance at each higher dose.

One bottle of Ripped Fast has 120 capsules, so you’ll still get 30 days of the product if you use the highest dose.

The price for one bottle is only around $15, which is very affordable compared to other fat burners.

Unfortunately, many of the ingredients in Ripped Fast are listed in a proprietary blend. So, you really don’t know if you are getting the optimal doses of many of the ingredients in the product. Some companies hide their underdosing with proprietary blends, so this could be possible with Ripped Fast as well.

In general, going with products that disclose all information about each ingredient is a better choice.

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Main ingredients

Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast Ingredients

Ingredients Summary…

Here are the ingredients in Ripped Fast:

  • Vitamin B6 – not for fat burning
  • Chromium – regulates blood sugar and insulin
  • Caffeine – everything you’d want from a fat burning ingredients. You can’t go wrong with Caffeine for fat loss!
  • Green Tea – has Caffeine, which makes it slightly effective
  • Diuretics, including: Alfalfa, Dandelion, Uva Ursi, and Cha-De-Burge – effective to purge excess water from your body but does nothing for fat loss. It’s a temporary fix.
  • Cayenne – increases metabolic rate and fax oxidation, along with diuretic properties as well
  • Choline Bitartrate – some evidence that it can affect fat loss positively, but its effect is minor
  • Soy Lecithin – can lower Cortisol, which can hinder fat loss
  • Inositol – useful to treat insulin resistance, which can hinder fat loss

Overall, I wouldn’t say these ingredients blow me out of the water. A few of them are good for fat loss, but there are better ingredients found in other products on the market. This product will work, but it’s not the best!

If this product got rid of the proprietary blends to reveal the optimal amounts of each ingredient, I’d be more inclined to recommend it.

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Pros & Cons


  • Fat loss potential is good for a low priced product


  • The proprietary blends could be hiding under-dosed ingredients.

Side Effects

Diuretics can cause dehydration. It’s important to continue drinking plenty of water and consuming electrolytes when using them.

Also, the Caffeine content can cause some stimulant-related side effects in those who have a low tolerance for stimulants.

Again, I’d recommend you ramp up to a comfortable dosage to find the sweet spot of highest dose possible without side effects.

Conclusion To Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast Review

If you are on a strict budget, Ripped Fast is a pretty good supplement. At around $0.50 per day, it’s hard to recommend against it for those on a budget. After all, there aren’t many products in this price range with multiple ingredients that can improve fat loss.

If you have a higher budget, however, I’d recommend a better fat loss product to get improved results!

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