How to speed up fat loss? Here’s what the evidence says…

How to speed up fat loss? A look at the current evidence

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Fat is something everyone has, and there’s a reason for it. Fat is what we use to create energy in our day-to-day life, and we never stop using it.

When we work out, we tend to use more, and the more we use, the more energy we release, so either by moving more or increasing our overall energy we use through the use of supplements, we can shift some of that unwanted fat.

How Fat Loss Works

As you go about your day, you tend to burn off the fat that is in your body. You have two types, the fat you have stored, and the fat that comes in daily from your caloric intake, or what you eat every day. As you work out, you burn more of that fat, and the level of intensity that you put into your workout will determine how much fat you burn.

By increasing your metabolism through exercise, diet, and supplements such as fat burners, you’ll be sure to lose weight and get that shredded look your searching for.

Fat Loss Workouts


High Interval Intensity Training is a great way to burn fat. The idea is simple, and you’ve probably been through it yourself at the gym.

Do an intense workout to get your heart rate up, then rest, then do it again. The idea is to get your heart rate up to roughly 160bpm, which will result in you burning more fat as you go.

Standard workouts of about 20 minutes are what people normally do, and while you can burn fat over time, the real factor behind losing weight is how fast your heart rate is going. A faster heart rate means that your body is working harder, and that you need more fuel to keep up your body’s overall pace. Of course, you can go too high, and you only have so much energy, which is why the resting comes into play.

Some good examples of HIIT workouts would be sprints, intensive weight lifting, bursts of sit-ups and push ups. Just remember to time your workout spurts and your breaks so that they are even, and pay close attention to your heart rate so that you can keep it at an even pace.


Low-Intensity Steady State is an even workout that keeps the heart rate typically elevated at 50% of where it would normally be. This can be done through power walking, treadmill activity, or by biking. It is a longer workout, typically taking 30 to 60 minutes, and unlike HIIT, there is no break in the middle of your routine.

LISS is meant to be an endurance workout, and while your heart rate may not climb as high as it normally would in a HIIT workout, the end result should be roughly the same. It is meant for people who do not like high intensity, or are physically unable to do a high intensity workout.

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This is an extremely high workout style that was invented in the 1960s, and named for the scientist behind it. The idea is not to look at fat or calories, but at the level of oxygen needed to perform tasks. This works, because the level of oxygen needed for more intense workouts is significantly higher than the level needed for lower paced workouts, and it was discovered that adding pure oxygen (please do this only with a trainer or doctor) can increase the output even more.

Eat Smaller Meals

We get our fat from our caloric intake, so if you’re looking to lose weight but don’t want to kill yourself doing workouts, one way is to eat smaller meals. If you can come in under your base level caloric requirements for the day, which can vary depending on your weight and height, then you will lose weight slowly over time.

Lift Weights

Lifting weights can burn fat, but you may not notice if you measure fat by weight. When you lift weights, your body burns fat and converts it into muscle, which weighs more than fat. So, you will stay the same weight, or maybe even be heavier, but your fat levels will drop over time as you lift.

Increase Protein Intake

Protein is needed to create muscle, and while the body can convert it into fat, it is extremely difficult to do so. A good protein intake combined with healthy eating and a good workout can mean higher levels of energy, and higher amounts of fat being burned.

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Increase Water Intake

Your body needs water, and water can help your body process fat, burn calories, and help your body carry oxygen to parts that need it the most. Think of staying hydrated as a means of fueling the calorie-burning machine inside of you. Fat is something that you cannot avoid having in life, but it is something you can try to control.

As you eat healthily and work out, pay attention to your body and keep hydrated, you should see a drop off in that pesky fat you’ve tried so long to get rid of.


Having a well-balanced diet is key to losing weight. Being in a calorie restriction is the key to fat loss, but it’s also important to make sure you get enough vital nutrients and minerals into your diet everyday. By supplementing with vitamins, minerals and fat burners, we can not only ensure we are looking after the health of our bodies, but also increase, and greatly improve our fat loss efforts.

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