Fighters Core Review: Is This Fat Burner Legit? (2023)

Fighters Core Pro Burn X Fat Burner Review

We’re always on the lookout for the latest diet pills to hit the market, so we were naturally excited to learn a little more about the Fighters Core Supplement – a fat burner that is specifically designed to help you shred fat and keep muscle.

Fighters Core Supplement Review – The Basics

Welcome to our full Fighters Core review. Fighters Core is a brand new supplement from PFX Labs.

It contains 8 ingredients that have impressive clinical evidence backing their effectiveness for weight loss. Among them, we have green tea extract, cayenne pepper and Theacrine. Each of these ingredients has slightly different effects and how they target weight loss, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

But this is not what’s captured our attention. When we first tested Fighters Core, we were intrigued by its ability to protect and build muscle tissue in addition to boosting fat loss in the body.

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This is big. “Toning up” isn’t just about burning away unwanted fat – you also want to keep your lean muscle tissue in order to achieve that aesthetic beach body that most people desire.

There are very few supplements on the market that can achieve that. So if Fighters Core Supplement can really live up to its claims, it will surely give our current top fat burners a serious run for their money!

How does Fighters Core fare against the market-leading fat burners?

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A Little More About the Company…

PFX Labs, a specialist fitness supplements company founded in the UK, is behind Fighters Core fat burner. To keep it short, we were very impressed by what we found when we first started researching these guys for our review.

A few things about PFX Labs stood out to us that we haven’t seen with many other sports supplement companies. Here are just a few examples:

  • Direct business to customer business model – You won’t be finding Fighters Core fat burner on Amazon or Walmart shelves anytime soon, probably ever. Why?

Because it keeps the costs lower for both you and the manufacturer (as there’s no middleman involved). Fighters Core Fat Burner is a premium supplement with premium ingredients, and so it naturally costs more than what you’d normally find among the low-quality stuff that’s out there. If the company had to pay a fee to Amazon for the product it’d cost even more!

This is another reason why PFX Labs decided not to put their product alongside other cheap, ineffective fat burners in the Amazon recommended section, because the reviews can easily be faked and moderated to make the product worse or better than it really is.

  • Focus on quality – Fighters ore is one of the cleanest products we’ve come across, as you’ll see below. It uses state of the art technology to make their formulas, with everything being manufactured in FDA- and cGMP certified facilities. Why do they put so much effort into this fat burner, you ask?

Well, frankly this is the only way they could stand out from the competition. By ensuring that their ingredients are the absolute best and most researched currently available, as well as going above and beyond with product dosages and serving sizes. 3 capsules per day spread apart means you’ll be reaping a continual benefit from its fat-burning compounds.

Alright, sounds great. But just how well does PFX Labs’ new flagship fat burner work? Believe it or not, but that’s not that hard to find out. All it takes is a little expertise and knowing what to look for (and look out for) when researching clinical studies on the ingredients. Let’s check them!

The Ingredients

Fighters Core Fat Burner Review (Supplement Ingredients Facts)

Each serving of Fighters Core supplement supplies you with the following ingredients:

  • Calcium HMB (104mg)
  • Chromium (150mcg)
  • Green Tea Extract (400mg)
  • Forskolin (200mg)
  • Capsimax Cayenne Pepper (100mg)
  • Theacrine (75mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (25mg)
  • Bioperine Black Pepper Extract (10mg)

Stepping away from the excellent reviews and user testimonials we’ve seen with Fighters Core, let’s take a look at the science. The reason Fighters Core works so well is due to the ingredients. They’re exhaustively researched and seen in clinical trials to be effective.

What’s more, the Fighters Core formula is completely transparent, which enables us to see if the dosages are in the effective (and safe) range. And yes – they are.

Let’s check the ingredients up close to see why they work so well.

Calcium HMB: Muscle Protection/Protein Synthesis

Calcium HBM is one of the best natural muscle-preserving ingredients we currently know. It works by enhancing muscle protein synthesis during a caloric deficit. This tells the body to use glycogen/fat stores instead of muscle for energy.

Your body naturally makes HMB by breaking down leucine, an amino acid found in certain foods. Early research suggests that taking HMB before and after exercise helps prevent muscle damage. See a study on calcium HMB’s effect on muscle protein synthesis here:

Chromium: Blood Sugar Regulation

Chromium is a molecule that helps to stabilize insulin levels. We all know how crucial insulin is to keeping blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

Essentially, chromium wasn’t included in Fighters Core to help you lose weight – but to prevent you from gaining it.

Supplementing the trace mineral chromium can increase your insulin sensitivity and by extension, improve your blood sugar levels after you eat a meal. This can also help with mood swings and irritability that’s typically seen when blood sugar levels go too high and then crash.

What’s more, chromium has the ability to curb your food cravings. An 8-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that chromium reduced food intake and cravings in women.

Green Tea Extract: Metabolic Rate

Green Tea is full of catechins – molecules that have been shown to support human health in a number of powerful ways.

In the context of fat burning, catechins elevate your metabolic rate. They raise epinephrine and norepinephrine, two crucial brain chemicals that keep you perked up by boosting your energy levels. The cost of this boost? Your body has to burn more calories.

Green tea’s antioxidants are also shown to protect muscle tissue from inflammation and oxidative stress. Combine this with the fact that green tea is also an excellent mood booster – keeping you sharp and focused on your dieting goals throughout the day.

Forskolin: Fat Breakdown/Lipolysis

Forskolin is a compound found in the roots of the Plectranthus Barbatus plant, also known as Coleus Forskholii. It works on your heart muscles to produce a stronger heartbeat. The result? Your blood pressure lowers and your blood vessels widen.

But this is not all Forskolin does. It also increases the production of enzymes that help your body break down fat. These include lipase and adenylate cyclone enzymes. By burning fatty acids instead of glucose or muscle tissue, this may reduce fat in the body and result in leaner body composition.

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper: Metabolic Rate

Red pepper or chilli pepper is often seen in fat burners. This is because it contains key compounds that boost metabolism and promote weight loss.

Capsaicin, one of the compounds in pepper, is thermogenic by nature. This means it boosts your body’s core temperature which elevates your metabolism with it – resulting in more calories being burned. Increased thermogenesis also has a nice bonus ‘side effect’ of reduced appetitte.

In a 2003 study, a group of women who ate chili with capsaicin in it experienced an increase in their metabolic rate for 30 minutes.

A 2017 clinical review of multiple studies found that capsaicin has other mechanisms in addition to increasing metabolic rate that make it highly effective at burning fat in obese individuals.

Theacrine: Energy/Performance

Theacrine is a naturally occurring compound that is similar to caffeine. It can assist you when it comes to getting through your workouts.

Interestingly, theacrine isn’t shown to cause the same tolerance as caffeine. Meaning, you can take it for many days without having to increase the dose or losing the beneficial effects. Although it can aid with weight loss directly by boosting the metabolism, this isn’t theacrine’s main benefit.

Theacrine can mainly help you fight fatigue and boost cognitive function. This makes it key for performance in the gym. And is useful on those days where you don’t feel like eating healthy or training.

The best of all, high doses of theacrine have been shown to optimize the central nervous system without affecting your blood pressure levels. Which is why many people call it “caffeine 2.0”.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Energy/Appetite/Metabolism

Caffeine is an essential, all-rounder ingredient. It boosts your mood, your focus, your energy levels, and can even increase your basal metabolic rate – helping you to keep burning calories even after your workout is finished.

Fighters Core also has a sensible dose of caffeine, not too much to cause jitters, but just enough to provide a clean, crash-free energy kick.

Bioperine Black Pepper Extract: Absorption/Digestion

Bioperine is a premium form of black pepper extract. It’s patented and standardized to have exactly 95% piperine, which is the main bioactive compound of black pepper.

What does BioPerine do, you ask? It ties the whole formula together. It improves the absorption of other ingredients in Fighters Core, making them more effective at doing their job – helping you to shed unsightly fat and protect your hard earned muscles. (study review:

Learn More About The Ingredients on Their Official Website

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How to Use Fighters Core Fat Burner (Dosage Instructions)

The Fighters Core supplement is designed for a 30 day cut. It’s made to help with fat loss in the shortest time space possible naturally while also protecting muscles from catabolism.

Therefore, 3 capsules spread evenly throughout the day should be taken to maximize its fat-burning and muscle-sparing potential.

One of the positive things you’ll notice about this fat burner is that it isn’t a proprietary blend. In other words, you can see how much of each ingredient is inside. As a result, you’re able to know what you’re paying for and whether the ingredients are as effective without being unsafe.

Side Effects

Speaking of ‘unsafe,’ the word doesn’t go in the same sentence with Fighters Core Fat Burner. This has been designed with heavily researched ingredients, all delivered in clinically backed doses.

This makes it one of the safer supplements we’ve reviewed, despite containing caffeine, which is impressive!

You should only avoid this product if you’re highly sensitive to caffeine and can’t consume any amount of the stimulant.

What Makes Fighters Core Different From Other Fat Burners?

So, what’s exactly about Fighters Core that makes it so good?

Three things in partiular:

  • The ingredients: As we said, they’re of premium quality, well researched and effectively dosed.
  • Multiple servings: With up to 3 servings per day (1 capsule with each main meal), it’s an excellent way to keep your body in a fat burning mode all day.
  • Preserves muscle: This is the key selling point of Fighters Core. It’s designed for both pro athletes and recreational fitness enthusiasts who want to keep their muscle while cutting fat. So many other fat burners neglect this crucial aspect of weight loss. Which is why many people (unfortunately) end up losing a lot of muscle mass along with fat, completely ruining their hard work in the process.

Although some of the things we just mentioned sound obvious, you’d be surprised at how many other supplement makers neglect these areas in the name of profit.

Why Don’t Other Supplement Companies do the Same?

Mainly because of money. It’s a lot cheaper for a company to offer weaker ingredients. Without the studies to back up their claims, these ingredients are a lot easier to find and get hold of as the demand for them is lower.

If you want the best ingredients that are backed by studies and of cleanest quality, you should be ready to pay the big money, and PFX Labs are. Unfortunately, this is one of the few downsides of their Fighters Core product – and that is the high price.

Combining this many high quality, premium ingredients means the manufacturing costs are very high for the company. And so this product is aimed only at those who’re serious about losing fat.

Where to Buy?

Fighters Core Fat Burner/Muscle Gain supplement is currently available on the official Fighters Core website. You can check the price by clicking here.

The quality and effectiveness of this product is one of the best in the industry right now. This makes it one of the more expensive products, which in our eyes is its only major downside. The good news is that you can save up to 15% by buying multi-box deals, such as their 3 month supply.

They offer free fast shipping on all orders too, which makes the eye watering price a little less eye watering!

Conclusion to Fighters Core Review

So that brings us to the very end of our Fighters Core review. Is this fat burner/muscle gain supplement worth the price?

It sounds cliche but it depends on how much you’re willing to invest in losing weight.

If you want the absolute best ingredients in their clinically researched doses, then get your hands on a supply of this stuff. Fighters Core is specifically designed for a safe, effective and fast weight cut. In 30 days, you could be looking leaner, having more energy, and feeling more confident when you pair it with the right lifestyle.

If you aren’t super serious about weight loss, then it might not be the ideal choice for you. This is made specifically to burn fat in the shortest time-space possible, naturally, without causing muscle loss in the process. Meaning it helps you keep your muscle even though you’re in a caloric deficit.

Fighters Core has ingredients that enhance mental focus & mood too, so you’re less likely to snack on junk foods or fail your fitness goals.


  • Top of the line ingredients
  • Preserves muscle in addition to attacking fat
  • Clinically tested doses
  • Reputable company
  • Made in an FDA-registered facility
  • Fast worldwide shipping


  • High price
  • Some people may like to see Glucomannan (Konjac Root) included
  • Not for caffeine intolerant people

Fighters Core Fat Burner is Available on the Official Website

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Is There Anything Better?

We do independent analysis on over 40 fat burners every year, searching for the most effective, science-backed formula on the market.

Some of our criteria include:

  • Must support fat burning naturally and safely
  • 100% clean, legal ingredients
  • Energy, Focus & Metabolism
  • Effective Appetite Suppression
  • Brand Trust
  • Value for money

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