What is Ookles and where are its headquarters?

Ookles was originally founded in 2006. Throughout the years, the website has evolved to become an in-depth, research-based online resource for reviews on fitness supplements. These include multivitamins, weight loss formulas, men’s health enhancers, pre-workouts, and protein powders among others. Our reviews are aimed at helping you, the reader, find detailed product information that is not currently available anywhere else.

Where is Ookles located? While the majority of our team operates worldwide, our main office is in
Panama City Beach, Florida.

How do I get in contact with Ookles?

There are several you can contact the Ookles team.

You can reach out through our contact form, you can send us a message on our social media, leave a comment over at our Youtube Channel, or alternatively, you can reach out to Ivan directly on Twitter.

Which lifestyle is best for me?

Your lifestyle should reflect your personal goals. Our mission is to share interesting information and insights to help you on your wellness journey. From our experience, a full compilation of insights is of more value than merely giving you individual recommendations. You may decide to take information from different specialists and combine it into your own unique daily routine. For example, you may choose to follow the workout routine of a professional fitness model and replicate the supplement stack of an elite-level football player.

Do you recommend supplements, routines or products mentioned in your reviews and fitness model profiles?

At Ookles, we don’t make any direct recommendations. We want to provide you with unbiased information that will help you make your own decisions. As there’s no “one size fits all” lifestyle or supplement regimen, we believe in offering multiple alternatives so you find the one that works best for you. For example, some people swear by low-carb diets and supplements while others advocate vegan lifestyles. Then there are individuals who believe supplements are a waste of time while others swear by it. It’s up to you to dig deep, do your research, and find what best suits your goals, wants, and needs.

How do you do your research?

We scour the internet to find every bit of information and research we can find. This includes videos, podcasts, interviews, articles, PubMed studies, social media posts and more. Our goal is to assemble the scattered and overwhelming information and compile it into easy-to-read, fact-checked articles and reviews.

How do you determine which information to include in your reviews and articles?

We developed Ookles to satisfy our own curiosity. We’ve always been passionate about leading a healthy and fit lifestyle by following examples of some of the world’s most successful individuals. “Fitness” relates to the state of being fit both physically and mentally. We share with you information that reflects this definition of “fit,” which includes workout and diet regimens, supplements, and in-depth guides.

How accurate is your information?

We realize that the information we share is only as valuable as it’s accurate. Our team does our best to filter inaccurate resources and rumors. We fact check every post we publish and always try to get our information directly from the source (e.g. the company who manufactures the product that we’re reviewing, and the interview of an athlete that we’re writing an article about). If you come across any information you think is inaccurate, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Do you give medical advice?

No. Ookles does not provide treatment, diagnosis, or medical advice. No one on the Ookles team is qualified to give medical advice. While we support the information we provide with relevant scientific studies, we stay away from the medical claims in our posts. If you are seeking professional advice, you need to talk to your doctor. Nothing on this website is intended as a recommendation or endorsement of any companies, products, tests, opinions, procedures, or other information that we may mention. You can read our full Disclaimer here.