Best Pre-Workout for Euphoria in 2022

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When you’re feeling euphoric, tackling challenges gets easier, and things flow.

What if you could summon the elusive feeling of euphoria on command? In situations when you need it the most, such as getting through difficult workouts.

The good news is, it’s possible! There are many ways you can induce a state of euphoria – one of those is by using pre-workout supplements.

A quality pre-workout contains natural ingredients that will boost your:

  • Mental Focus
  • Energy Levels
  • Motivation
  • Mood & mental well-being

Not every pre-workout specifically focuses on inducing euphoria, though.

You might have tried pre-workouts in the past and while they may have given you more energy, they also may have left you feeling ‘jittery’ later on.

A true pre-workout for euphoria will give you the natural benefits without the caffeine crash or other side effects.

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • What makes a good pre-workout for euphoria
  • Best natural pre-workout ingredients for inducing euphoria
  • What is the best pre-workout for euphoria currently on the market?

Our Criteria for Choosing an Effective Euphoria-Inducing Pre-Workout

So, what should you look (out) for when it comes to pre-workouts for euphoria?

After testing over 30 pre-workouts in the past year alone, we’ve developed a rigorous set of criteria that weeds out the ineffective, low-quality pre workouts from ones worth the praise.

We steer clear of scam supplements and test these formulas ourselves for at least 2 weeks.

The best pre-workout for euphoria must:

  • Be 100% natural, safe, and free of banned substances
  • Contain clinically studied ingredients in clinically studied doses
  • Deliver improved focus, increased energy, enhanced motivation levels, and most importantly here, it must induce euphoric state
  • Have its doses clearly shown on the label (no proprietary blends!)
  • Be manufactured by a well-known and reputable company
  • Have excellent reviews online
  • Offer awesome value for money
  • Have great customer support and money-back guarantee

Using these criteria, we’re able to present you the highest quality pre-workout that can stand up to big names on the market.

Before we unveil our top pick, we need to cover another very important part of choosing the right pre-workout, which is: the ingredients it uses.

Best Natural Pre-Workout Ingredients for Euphoria

1. Caffeine Anhydrous

This powerful pre-workout is proven to enhance power output and performance and is amazing at boosting mental and physical senses. Caffeine triggers parts of your brain and nervous system to enhance feelings of focus, motivation, alertness, and may help to elevate your sense of euphoria significantly. [1, 2]

Caffeine is possibly the most effective natural ingredient for euphoria – BUT, if you consume it on a daily basis, that feeling will drift away over time. This is why first-time caffeine users often say they feel ‘incredible’ and ‘euphoric’. If you’re strategic about your caffeine intake, consuming it only on those days where you know you’ll need that euphoric aid, it can give you a massive edge.

2. L-theanine

L-theanine works incredibly in combination with caffeine to enhance your senses, without the typical jitters. By calming your brain activity, you can stay fully present in the moment during your workout – putting you in the zone. Pre-workouts that take advantage of this smart-caffeine combo should give you an increased sense of euphoria, especially during exercise. [3]

See our in-depth article on the best and the worst pre-workout ingredients here.

3. L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine sharpens senses under stress and maintains euphoric-inducing neurotransmitters that get depleted when you (over)consume caffeine and exercise intensely.

As I’ve said, caffeine gives you that ‘high’ thanks to its effects on your catecholamine brain chemicals, which include epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine – these combined trigger a powerful sense of euphoria.

However, using caffeine too often will deplete these chemicals, hence why you lose that magic of euphoria eventually. Low catecholamine levels not only make you lose that amazing feelig, they also lead to poor focus, mood imbalances, fatigue and athletic weakness.

The natural amino acid L-Tyrosine provides your brain with the raw material to make and recycle all catecholamine neurotransmitters – making it one of the best ingredients for maintaining the sense of euphoria.

Simply put, L-Tyrosine recharges chemicals in your brain that drive euphoria.


Beta-alanine is most famous in pre-workouts for causing ‘paresthesia.This is a harmless side effect that causes tingly sensations throughout your body, much like you’d experience when you’re euphoric. While other ingredients on this list give you more of a mental euphoria, Beta-Alanine enhances your physical senses – combined, these can result in quite an experience! As a bonus, beta-alanine also lessens fatigue and reduces acid build up in your muscles during exercise, allowing you to exercise harder and for longer. [4]

The #1 Best Pre-Workout for Euphoria: Pre Lab Pro

You can buy individual ingredients from the above and combine them to your preferences. Or, you can buy pre-made pre-workout made by professionals, such as Pre Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra – our current favorite pre-workout overall.

Pre Lab Pro Pre Workout

What makes Pre Lab Pro Stand Out?

Pre Lab Pro is an ultramodern pre-workout with some of the most effective ingredients for inducing mental and physical aspects of euphoria. These include:

  • 80mg of Natural Caffeine from Coffea Robusta Seeds
  • 400mg of AjiPure®  L-Tyrosine, Suntheanine® L-Theanine
  • NutriGenesis® D and B Complex Vitamins

The Ingredients

All 13 ingredients in Pre Lab Pro are designed to maximize your experience in efficient and safe way. The ingredients are clinically dosed which means you’ll get the full effect without the associated ‘crash’ as it wears off.

Pre-Lab Pro is the latest product to be launched by Opti-Nutra, and already enjoys excellent reviews online.

Official website:

Much like with all of their products, Opti-Nutra has gone above and beyond in delivering the absolute cleanest quality ingredients. The vitamins in Pre Lab Pro are grown on probiotic yeast and bacteria using Opti-Nutra’s own nutrition technology called NutriGenesis® – resulting in nutrients that are nature-identical and easy for your body to utilize.

Dosage, Pricing, and Final Thoughts on Pre Lab Pro

How did Pre Lab Pro work for us?

Firstly and most importantly, we’ve found it to be effective at inducing euphoria. Mixing a scoop of this pre-worwkout (13g) with water 15-30 minutes before working out will elevate your energy and boost your senses, without being too overwhelming (and without causing a crash later on).

As it kicks in, you should notice an increasing sense of well-being and motivation. Lifting heavy weights becomes easier, pain and distractions fade away, and you feel completely focused at the task at hand.

While the price of Pre Lab Pro is on the premium side ($59 per canister/$1.97 per serving), the quality Opti Nutra has put into this supplement is unlike any other pre-workout we’ve seen. You can also save a pretty significant sum by buying multiple canisters – buying 3 canisters of Pre Lab Pro gets you 1 extra canister for free + free and fast worldwide shipping.

To put it like this: buying the 3+1 Pre Lab Pro deal (4-month supply) will cost you $1.48 per serving – which is about the same as a cup of coffee!


  • 100% natural and vegan-friendly
  • Delicious fruit flavor, powder dissolves instantly
  • Contains patented ingredients such as NutriGenesis® B Vitamins for mood and energy
  • Elevates physical senses, increases mental euphoria
  • Cleverly dosed Caffeine in combination with L-theanine provides an amazing mental pick-me-up
  • No reported side effects
  • Excellent deals when buying in bulk
  • Opti-Nutra is a respected specialist supplement company


  • Premium price
  • Exlusively in natural berry flavor
  • You can only buy it from the official website

Interested in Pre Lab Pro? Learn more on their website:


Any Alternatives?

While we’ve found Pre Lab Pro to be the best pre-workout for euphoria overall, ticking all the key boxes, there’s another Pre-Workout we feel deserves a mention.

It’s called 4Gauge, and it comes in baddass-looking shotgun shell canisters.

4 Gauge Pre Workout

4Gauge has actually been among the world’s leading pre-workout supplement for years now, and has enjoyed praise from users all over the world. The advantage of this pre-workout over Pre Lab Pro is stronger doses of stimulants and beta-alanine, which will give you a more intense rush. Even so, it doesn’t cause jitters or any of those annoying side effects associated with over-caffeinated pre-workouts.

The manufacturers of 4Gauge, Roar Ambition, initially developed it for MMA fighters and Pro Athletes. But due to its huge initial success and demand, they later made 4Gauge available to the general public. 4 Gauge now gets updated every 6-12 months as per latest evidence and consulting Roar Ambition does with their nutritionists and fitness experts.

The Ingredients

4Gauge has a strong backbone featuring all the key ingredients, including caffeine, Beta-Alanine, L-Theanine and others. A balanced 150mg of caffeine per serving (2 scoops), plus L-Theanine ensures a strong yet clean euphoric kick that will last you for hours.

This pre-workout is also completely natural with no synthetic flavors or sweeteners. While it’s more aggressive in effects than Pre Lab Pro, you can easily take just one scoop instead of the recommended two if you find 4Gauge to be too intense.

In terms of servings and value, it’s a bit more affordable than Pre Lab Pro at $45 per tub. 4Gauge too is available in bulk deals, including the “Bulk Ammo Crate 3+1” deal where you get a 4-month supply for the price of 3 month supply + free shipping to the UK and USA.

Interested in 4Gauge?

See it here:

Conclusion to the Best Pre Workout for Euphoria in 2021

Euphoria is a state that allows you to be fully immersed in the moment, enjoying the amazing physical and mental benefits that come with it. Inducing euphoria isn’t always easy though, and only a select few pre-workouts nail that aspect.

Luckily, we were able to find two pre workout supplements that tick all of the criteria that were required.

Pre Lab Pro is the current best overall pre workout for euphoria on sale in our opinion. As far as quality and ingredient cleanliness goes, there’s nothing like it on the market.

4 Gauge is another option for those who want a bit higher dosage of caffeine for a more intense rush. It also has the advantage of having Beta-Alanine which gives you a tingly rush, which is associated with the physical aspect of euphoria. 4Gauge boasts excellent reviews online.

Generally speaking though, if you want a quality pre-workout that will give you the ‘high’ without the ‘low’ (AKA, jitters), you can’t go wrong with either of these two options!

Get Prices: 4Gauge I Pre Lab Pro



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