About Ookles

Welcome to Ookles.com.

We’re a team of fitness & bodybuilding enthusiasts dedicated to bringing you science-backed information regarding weight loss, men’s health enhancement, growing muscle & strength, and optimizing your body.

Our Goal at Ookles

Most of the website is dedicated to inspecting and reviewing supplements in the fitness industry. Mainly, fat burners, men’s health enhancers, and protein powders.

We scour the market to find products from companies both big and small, reviewing them to see if they’re as good as their companies claim they are.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of these supplements don’t work at all. Out of every 10 products we review, usually only 2 or 3 end up being solid enough for us to give them a thumbs up.

After reviewing hundreds of supplements over the years, there are only several on the market that we recommend and prefer over the rest; we believe these are worth your time and consideration. When we find such supplements, we’ll mention them or link to them in our “best lists” and supplement guides.

How do we Inspect Products?

Our team takes popular supplements (or lesser known ones) from the fat burner and testosterone booster industry and analyzes them to see if they really work and if they’re safe.

We look at things such as ingredient research, formula quality, serving sizes, safety, testimonials, price & value, and other factors. We then share these findings in our in-depth reviews.

Here are some of our criteria.

  • Natural, lean physique results
  • Safety profile
  • Evidence behind the formula
  • Company trust
  • Price/value
  • Testimonials & personal experiences

How do We Know if a Supplement Works?

This is the less difficult part. The great thing about testosterone boosters and fat burners is that there’s plenty of research online regarding the ingredients they typically use. This makes it easier for us to determine whether the science agrees with the claims made by the manufacturer relating to the effectiveness and safety of these ingredients.

Ultimately, if all the ingredients in the formula are supported by robust, human evidence, then it’s clear that the product is going to work better than the one that has unproven or completely ineffective compounds.

It’s rare, however, that a product contains the best-researched ingredients in clinically approved dosages. Oftentimes, it’s either one or the other; when a supplement checks both boxes, it’s a bingo!

If the supplement holds up well, we’ll let you know in the review. If it is not, we’ll tell you why.

How do We Check for Safety?

We give you the complete picture in our “side effects” section in each review. When inspecting a supplement we look at both the anecdotal reports from other people (their experiences) as well as the actual scientific evidence to determine if it is safe.

Thank You!

We appreciate your readership and look forward to informing as many of you as we can with our content.