Top New Orleans SEO Expert Talks On The Dangers Of Malware

by admin .


New Orleans SEO expert John Halfacre believes that malware is the single most dangerous thing that can happen to your WordPress website hands down. 

Malware is an Ugly word in our office. We get several phone calls a day asking us for help, “something is wrong with our website” seems to be the cry we hear most often.

Yes, there is something wrong with your WordPress website, it has malware and it does not function correctly. Also, it does affect search engine rankings. We always use a service that has an excellent background is SEO as well as a website editing for search engine optimization. We like to use proven players to save time and money.

Malware, first of all, is intentional, the designer writes the code to do a specific task, such as, spyware, identity theft, worms, send bogus e-mails, rootkit, and more.

The worse one we have seen is RootKit. The term RookKit basically is a type of software that is written to infect the system with malicious malware that gives administrator security access to the hacker. This is a major problem and is a challenge to solve.

Another one we see consistently is none other than the virus, basically a virus is just code written that is designed to clone itself and appear on other computers and programs that have access to the one infected. There are many types of viruses and hard to pin down and define.

Many times the virus or malware will travel via Adware that is clicked on a site we may visit. Other times we see worms and spyware found in the code that has devastating effects on the e-commerce site.

My best advice is to seek out professional help, that will ensure a functional website that is secure for the visitors and owners. There are excellent providers that offer malware removal services at a reasonable price with a proven track record to match.