Remove WordPress Malware Quickly & Efficiently

by admin .

Hacking websites for profit has become a daily occurrence. If your website has not been infected with malicious code, consider yourself fortunate. Hackers look for outdated themes and plug-ins which give them points of entry to infect your website with destructive and malicious code.

Because the WordPress platform relies on plugins, this is where the security breach is usually infiltrated. Outdated plugins and some themes are susceptible to hacking. But in the event that you have been notified by Google that your website has been hacked, Remove Malware will quickly and efficiently remove all infected malware usually within 24 hours. This affordable service is a one time charge with guarantees. Most malware removal services require a contract with a monthly monetary charge for each infected site that can add up significantly over time.

Once our experts remove the malware from your website, they will help prevent malicious files from returning by building a strong firewall with several plugins to prevent the hackers from again gaining access to your website. This enhanced security measure will give your site an umbrella of protection.

Once your website is clean, general maintenance for your WordPress website is to update all plugins, often change passwords, delete unused default themes, and remove admin as a user. If your website has updated plugins and themes, you definitely reduce the risk of hacking. For more information, visit